our values

Nature Groupie believes the products we sell should support people and nature, just like our work in nature-based volunteering. We are committed to working with companies that use fair labor practices and support environmental sustainability. 

our suppliers

Nature Groupie clothing is supplied through Blue84, a Minnesota-based brand with awesome corporate values, including fair labor practices and environmental sustainability. Read about Blue84's commitment to social responsibility.

Nature Groupie enamel mugs are reusable (with a super long life span!) and fully recycleable. With a base ingredient of steel fused with powdered glass, enamel is non-toxic, food-safe and can be recycled most places that accept steel. Our mug is manufactured in China with details created in the U.S. by suppliers compliant with US Fair Labor Act and Workplace Relations Commission Inspection Services.

Our insulated water bottles are reuseable and from a U.S. supplier committed to fully-recycled materials and sustainable business practices (see here). 

"The packaging industry traditionally has not been the greenest" say the founders of EcoEnclose, but they are changing that! We love ordering all our packing supplies from a company founded with such a strong vision to change the world.