who we are

Nature Groupie Team

hi - we're team Nature Groupie! Alyson, Charlotte, Emma, Haley, Malin & Wells

We're a team of wildlife biologists, ecologists, educators, and communicators who work at UNH Extension and NH Sea Grant and collaborate to run Nature Groupie. We work everyday to create meaningful volunteer experiences in nature - to help wildlife, coastal ecosystems, forests, and communities.

our story

We love getting outside, hiking on trails and enjoying our special places. But those places need our help too; trees need to be planted, trails need to be built, trash needs to be cleared. People need an easy way to volunteer for nature, but it's often hard to find out what's happening near you.

So in 2013, we started Nature Groupie, a website that connects volunteers to conservation projects. Today, more than 7,000 people have helped clean rivers, plant trees and care for trails. Learn more about our impact here. 

Then in 2020, we decided to try something new. We launched Nature Groupie Shop, a non-profit whose profits from selling products will help fund our work with outdoor volunteers. 

Nature Groupies